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"Life is a rhythm that must be known. I feel that rhythm, I am guided by it, and I surrender to it." ~ Nikola Tesla  


In the nature of reality, everything is in continuous motion, from galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, everything orbits. 

The entire Universe is permeated with rhythm at the macro and micro levels. Outside man, this rhythm is expressed by periodic and amplitude movements of stars and planets. And in his body through biorhythms, heartbeat and breathing.
  It is a reflection of elemental nature.  


Awakened man lives by the impulses of nature, follows their rhythm and directs himself by them. For such a man nature is always gentle. She is the mirror of the microcosm and that is why she looks and loves that man who awakened her potentials in the mind.  His mind then rushes in steps of seven miles, the stars getting closer to him  and his heart beats harder.  


The earth gives and receives back in that rhythm.  


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic


Energy gives the first impulse to the movement of the planets and the first breath to the newborn child. With her, we
  we evolve in naturalness.  In order to start moving properly in it, we must first know who We are.  View topic ...

The nature

Energ. laws at the macro level act according to the natural currents of planetary motion, and at the micro level, through human potentials.  Man is often involved in this conundrum of nature and pri  tom doesn't know how to swim in it.   View topic ...

The nature of the Mind

The sum of information about the events of nature constitutes the network of the mind in man.
  The mind as energy and the Earth as matter are in constant communication. It is a common flow in which humanity lives.  View topic ...


By meditation, we actually "polish" the inner mirror of the micro-universe, and in return, this "ocean" gives us a suitable depth of insight with which to more properly  we observe events in nature.   View topic ...

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