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The nature of this work is globaly recognized. It belongs to integrative and complementary health care. It is related to the interaction with the informative and intelligent frequency range that harmoniously affects the human body and mind and thus benefits the person to become more vital, energetic, productive, flexible, communicative, more aware, more concious, more soulful, more truthful.

Potential effects

~ Vitality and more improved harmony within own nature.

~ Understanding emotions, emotional contemplation, clarifying the subconscious level.

~ Episodes of intense energy which make you want to jump out of bed and into action.

~ Deeper inner peace, flexibility in thinking, the inflow of confidence.

~ Exemption from panic attacks, fears, phobias and anxiety.

~ Relaxation, physical vitality, its flexibility and movement. More convenient eye-hand coordination of movement. Normalization of body weight.

~ Compliance within rotation of the planet and annual seasons. More appropriate sleep.

~ Enhanced intuition, instinct, creativity, improvement of courage.

~ Moments of joy, bliss and good mood.

~ Increased perception, concentration, memory, increased awareness, more precise use of language.

~ Starting to make priorities in health, more appropriately overcoming life's challenges, increasing decision-making and problem-solving skills.

~ Gaining impulse to give and receive love, a more natural expression of caring, loving, compassion, understanding and acceptance of others.

~ Letting be in the present moment and enjoying it.
~ Getting a new, more prosperous life vision and life progress.

For some, changes are immediate. Other people report subtle changes that gradually deepen and unfold over time. Your experience will be unique to you, and will unfold in whatever ways are for your highest and greatest good.

"If you're lucky, your healing will come in the form you anticipate.  If you're really lucky, your healing will come in a form you've not even dreamed of - one that the Universe specifically has in mind for you." - Dr. Eric Pearl

Reconnective frequencies are intelligent in their nature and, during and after sessions, they adjust to each person individually, affecting directly, but also creating circumstances in her life for her to change spontaneously, progressively and with continuity, in order to receive qualities and effects with proper  integrity. After RH™ and R™ sessions, the person continues to receive potential of reconnective frequencies at the speed and rhythm that is most appropriate for her, so it's about to be healthier, more vital, more natural, more flexible, more conscious, more soulful, more truthful.

Reconnective Healing™ for animals

Frequencies of Reconnective Healing™ (RH) can be benefitial for animals, pets, wildlife and even zoo animals. Interacting with reconnective frequencies can help them become more harmonious, vital, energized and healthier, as well as, for example, adapt and overcome some of the potential challenges such as:

~ Problems related to aging, strong and chronic pain in the body.

~ Aggressive behaviors, fears, stress, emotional traumas resulting from animal abuse.

~ Accelerated wound healing after physical injuries and surgeries.

Scientific References:

~ Interaction with frequencies harmoniously affects heart and brain waves. (See Scientific References)
~ Interaction with frequencies increases the level of oxygen in the blood and increases the microvascular blood flow in the body. (See Scientific References)

~ According to scientific experiments, Reconnective frequencies tend to reconnect broken DNA strands in the body. (See Scientific References)
~ Interaction with frequencies allows more extensive emission of light impulses and a higher level of light coherence between body cells. (See References)

~ 10 min of RH™ session. is more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring full range of motion. (See Scientific References)
~ Interaction with frequencies calms the nervous system and harmonizes the left and right cerebral hemispheres. (See Scientific References)
~ Laboratory experiments indicate that with the energy potential of reconnecting frequencies, a leaf torn off from the parent branch can sustain life during the ninety days, and its natural withering happens within seven to ten days. (See Scientific References)

~ Interaction with frequencies revitalizes and energizes the body, increasing the energy potential that the body emits. (See Scientific References)
~ Interaction with frequencies stimulates the mind and body to communicate with the universe to a higher and more comprehensive level of transmission and reception of light and information. (See Scientific References)

~ Frequency interaction induces coherence and resonance effects that allow optimal health, harmony and balance. (See Scientific References)

~ Interaction with frequencies speeds up the metabolism and immunity of the body, calms the nervous system of the body. (See Scientific References)

~ Reconnective Healing improves and accelerates communication between the cells of the body. (See Scientific References)
~ Interaction with frequencies encourages top sports performances and results. (See Scientific References)

"It is not necessary for you to feel the reaction in order for the reaction to happen." ~ Dr Eric Perl

When interacting with the frequencies, sometimes reactions can occur in the form of sensations. The so-called "Registers" Their nature is relative.

~ Pulsation, "stinging", pulling, waving, pushing, stretching, flickering, numbness, pricking, twisting

~ Energy waves, electricity, magnetic attraction / repulsion, eddy energy fluctuation, traveling through the energy.

~ Feeling of bliss and relaxation, feeling of adrenaline, excitement, milder panic attacks and nervousness, visual and sound displays, colors.

~ The nature of sensations sometimes occurs outside of sensory reality, so that person, for example, sees sound or hears colors.

~ Tickling, laughing / crying, coughing, yawning, twitching and muscle contractions, mild pulsating pain. buzzing in ears.

~ Heat, cold, Lightness / weight in the body, bowel movements, intense swallowing.

~ Sleepiness, constant yawning, the impression of sinking into the mattress of the bed. Sleeping, and thereby, completely losing the sense of time.

~ Visions that stimulate introspective thinking, music, and sounds that open up repressed emotions from the subconscious.

~ Rapid eye movements (see REM - Rapid Eye Movement); "playing" eyeballs and eyebrows, eyes tears, a cold breeze.

~ Changes in biological rhythms, rapid / slow heartbeat, rapid / slow breathing, changes in muscle movements.

~ Impression that the body extremities, hands and legs, occupy an entirely different position than real, their elongation, extension.

~ The "flickering" impression with the feeling that the body is connected to the electricity, the impression of an energy charge, the impression of floating.

~ Feeling of "spreading", exiting from the body, floating in the air, a sense of expansion (impression that body and limbs are increaseing and growing).

~ The interaction with the frequencies evidently changes heart waves, brain waves, raises oxygen levels in the blood. (See Scientific References)



Reconnective Healing™

It is an interaction with an extensive and intelligent frequency range of energy, light and information™ that harmoniously affects the body and mind. The nature of frequencies is real, tangible and measurable. Read More


The Personal Reconnection™

An accurate energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information™ and benefits a person to upgrade, direct, and accelerate her potentials, as well as to understand her life course. Read More

Scientific References


Incredible insights are made from experiments in laboratory conditions. For example, the interaction with frequencies changes the heart waves, brain waves, raises the level of oxygen in the blood... Read More


Dr. Eric Pearl

The nature of this work took Eric to over 100 countries where he influenced millions of people in the hope that many people on the planet would be able to feel the real potential of the Reconnective frequencies. Read More

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