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“It is man's duty to set laws by heroic deeds on Earth. To establish order by imitating the harmony of heaven. " ~ Petar II P. Njegos


Whenever we look at the stars, in the macrocosm, we are actually looking at ourselves, in the microcosm. The human being represents the micro-universe within the macrouniverse and everything we are able to find and see in the universe, we can find and see within ourselves. The human mind is a copied projection of the mind of nature which, as its macro embodiment, acts on him and his events. That is why the complete dimensions of nature are in him, in man, not outside him. So, as much as his material eyes accurately perceive the nature of reality, so much so his visual experiences are not authoritative if the mind does not have an introspective mirror of the microuniverse to objectively interpret with it what his eyes really see.


Elementary introspection towards this natural law is reflected in the reference that the more we see ourselves objectively, the more we perceive things as they really are outside the material body. The man is a miniature of the Universe. Its depths represent our interior, that is why we are a measure of ourselves. In nature it has a much deeper meaning, and it is given to man to recognize it, to adapt to it, and to revive it. Unfortunately, the human mind is constantly focused on the external three-dimensional reality, so it can only see what it is allowed to "see".


Just as there is an exact and logical order in the Macrocosm, so the human body and mind (microcosm) are subject to the same laws. Energy laws at the macro level act on the natural flows of the planet, and at the micro level, through human resources. If man is cut off from these currents at the micro level, he suffers conflicts at the level of the mind, and if this is transferred to the macro level, the conflicts take place with the complete nature. Man is often involved in this puzzle of nature. He perceives them as riddles of nature, without even knowing how to swim in them. The laws of nature to which man is subject may first be seen in his direct conflicts with them and in his attempts to get rid of them. During the tendency to get rid of some natural law, we begin to create others instead, within the framework of the mind. We avoid one influence and get closer to another. And so we actually get entangled and by resisting we don’t give the energy a proper flow. We as an energy flow need to adapt to these natural laws, because they apply to complete material canopies. Until we realize that, the laws will govern us, not us.


This dialectic takes place according to precise and reference principles. Nature cannot be separated from those laws that hold it, so neither can man. In order for a person's personality to truly crystallize, his complete observations in nature must be based on an understanding of the given laws. That is why work on objective knowledge of the nature of reality is necessary. By getting to know the objective nature of reality, man also understands the laws that govern his nature. In them, the human personality matures, and the soul actually directs us to this contemplative idea.


PLANETARY VISION ® ~ From the book  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

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The human mind is a copied projection of the mind of nature which, as its macro embodiment, acts on him and his events. That is why the complete dimensions of nature are in him, in man, not outside him.
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