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"Energy" comes from the Greek word "energeia" ("in action, in action").


The seven billion people on planet Earth are constantly immersed in a sea of energy and connected like stars in the firmament.


Energy gives the first impulse to the movement of the planets and the first breath to the newborn child. Its nature is the driving force behind everything that happens in organic life on Earth. If we name and objectify it, then we also see its colors that gently permeate it. It then takes on the form of energy that is displayed in the colorful relativities and interpretations of the human mind.


This energy tends to reconnect and thus encourages us to evolve in naturalness. Finally, in order to start moving properly in it, we must first know who We are.


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

Movement and Rhythm

In the nature of reality, everything is in motion, from
  star planets, atoms.  Awakened man lives by the impulses of nature, follows their rhythm and directs himself by them. For such a man nature is always gentle.  View topic ...

The nature of the Mind

The sum of information about the events of nature constitutes the network of the mind in man.
  The mind as energy and the Earth as matter are in constant communication. It is a common flow in which humanity lives.  View topic ...

The nature

Energ. laws at the macro level act according to the natural currents of planetary motion, and at the micro level, through human potentials.  Man is often involved in this conundrum of nature and pri  tom doesn't know how to swim in it.   View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora


As the nature of the macrouniverse flows from seven dimensions, so man as its personification has seven auric membranes that correspond to these dimensions. The observation of auric omo-points is an important ...
  View topic ...

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