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As the nature of the macrouniverse flows from seven dimensions, so man as its personification has seven auric membranes that correspond to these dimensions. Auric envelopes actually envelop the soul and use it when collecting impressions through the external and internal dimensions of nature.  Observing auric envelopes is an important moment in life, because the potential person thus realizes that the material body is not the only one it has.  By actualizing the given envelopes, the idea of perceiving other, equivalent dimensions of nature outside the body is contemplated in the mind of the person.  


The aura is a vital pulsating energy envelope that envelops the human body. As it flows around the body, it ostensibly enters and exits the pores, expanding. Its charge in the direct relation depends on the speed of rotation of the energy vortices. Energy vortices produce their own aural membranes in their natural colors that are attached to them. Auric colors are related to the colors of the vortex and thus the energy that the vortex metabolizes at a certain speed. In fact, the colors and contours of the aural layers indicate the pattern, strength, and energy in the vortices. They wrap around each other and follow and take on the appearance of a material body. If a potential person awakens the rapid rotation of the vortex points, they soon expand into a stronger auric membrane around the material body, which is of course the full energy potential.  Aura  produced from seven energy vortices in nature preserves a person's body, mind and soul when they are found immersed in an ocean of thoughts and emotions produced daily by 7 billion people on the planet.   Especially from external influences such as attacks of negative thoughts and emotions as energy in motion. We can see this potential of the aura when the child wants to "nest" in the lap of the mother or father. With their aura, the child instinctively wants to protect himself from external energy influences. As the embodiment of the macrouniverse, auric potentials are closest to the atmosphere of the planet Earth, which is actually "guarded" from ultraviolet light.  radiation.  If we see the aura with mental potentials, then we perceive it as a "business card" from which we can read  the natural orientation of the person. So for example, an angry and nervous person will have an “ugly” fourth heart envelope around the body, although from the outside it will look quite normal.


And the material body shows a lot, because, physical appearance is actually a mirror of our inner state. For example, the reflection of "evil" in matter has been read from time immemorial in the ugliness of a person's face, while his eyes reveal a state of mind. Laughter also betrays. A priori, if a mentally gifted person has the potential to “see” from the eyes of others, he or she can also read their minds in which the energies of thought, emotion, and intellect float. And as the mind and the material body are connected, it is really difficult to hide on the face what is floating in the mind. The face is like a polished mirror that reflects the current mental nature in matter. The nature of mental emotions and thinking patterns really leaves a deep mark on a person’s face and that is why it is vital what kind of thought chords float in our minds.


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

The nature of the Mind

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Movement and Rhythm

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