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"Where the telescope ends, the microscope begins. Which of the two provides a more magnificent view?" ~ Victor Hugo


The nature of the universe represents infinite energy which is manifested in many organic and inorganic forms. This order in nature is only partially seen by the human eye. So, within the universe there are galaxies, and within them celestial bodies (planet Earth) with living beings (human beings) possessing vital organs which are again made up of cells and those of molecules, within which there are atoms  with orbital energy threads of electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks… the question arises, where is the final end of energy miniaturization, ie. final materialization? From the above, we see that the universe is actually presented as a fractal projection. That elementary energy models are reflected in it like reduced holographic copies.


In order to model the atoms of the elements, grass, rocks, tree canopy, into a known form of material perception, nature uses mutually similar patterns that are repeated successively. This natural process moves from finer to coarser, until it becomes perceived by the senses and experienced as matter. The transformation of the complete material forms we see in nature occurs due to the flow of information through different vibratory fields from higher, more subtle dimensions to lower ones. And that actually indicates that the complete existence and happening in matter has its more subtle form. Finally, although it is modern to say that matter is a form of Mãyã, because its naturalness in which we live is subatomic,  for the human material body - as long as it exists in the material medium, material reality represents its true reality.   We feel matter as a realistic model of the manifesting relativity of the microuniverse and its macro elements on the Tree of Life.  The elements of the Tree of Life connect us with special energy threads allowing us to clearly feel and receive life as a gift from God, planet Earth, sky, flora and fauna. Material bodies represent a rougher aspect of that energy, while thoughts of the mind, emotions, and feelings actually represent a subtle aspect of the energies in motion. The energy is in us, and we are in the energy. In that final photograph, We represent the personification of the Source, the unbreakable bond of micro and macro nature. This connection is reflected in many examples.


For example, in planetary ecosystems, elements of earth, water, fire, and air that actually allow them to actualize life events. These elements are also noticeable in a person's personality and take place in his body (earth), feelings (water), desires (fire) and thoughts (air). The elements of nature thus take place in the personality, and mature in his mind. For example, water with air builds mental feelings into the ether, ideas and inspiration. Air with the Earth turns ideas into material realization. And Fire with the Earth gives desire to that realization  and thus encourages man to realize that reflection of nature which lies in his potentials.


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

The nature

Energ. laws at the macro level act according to the natural currents of planetary motion, and at the micro level, through human potentials.  Man is often involved in this conundrum of nature and pri  tom doesn't know how to swim in it.   View topic ...


Energy gives the first impulse to the movement of the planets and the first breath to the newborn child. With her, we
  we evolve in naturalness.  In order to start moving properly in it, we must first know who We are.  View topic ...

Movement and Rhythm

In the nature of reality, everything is in motion, from
  star planets, atoms.  Awakened man lives by the impulses of nature, follows their rhythm and directs himself by them. For such a man nature is always gentle.  View topic ...

The language of matter

Nature encodes matter. The receptive organs of the material body actually represent the "passages" of precisely defined waves, energies, colors and sounds, which the mind then calibrates the moments noticeable in it. View topic ...

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