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"Reality is a network of energies of different vibrations." ~ Nikola Tesla


Reality is actually energy shaped energy  and represents the equivalent of a material nature.  The events in it are not material but wave nature. The waves continuously vibrate and produce themselves again, multiplying. Corpuscles are produced, ie. material elements that differ in vibration density. The nature of matter is thus characterized by vibrating actions that take place with rhythm and relative speed, which is in direct relation to the eye and mind of the observer.                                                                                    


Nature encodes matter. The material reality in which we exist is of an energetic nature, so that in principle everything takes place on handover, that is. interweaving of energy waves. The receptive organs of the material body actually represent the "passages" of precisely defined waves, energies, colors and sounds, which the mind then calibrates the moments noticeable in it.  At lower wave levels, nature is presented to the mind as a rough, material sight, and at higher and finer forms as the informative energy of the complete happening in it. We see and perceive the current reality as material, because our bodily and mental frequency is in appropriate harmony with the wavelength of the material reality of the planet Earth.  From such a materiality perspective, we actually look at “reality” through a very narrow “lens” and can only assume what kind of life diversity manifests outside that receptive range.  Natural science indicates that the sun's rays are actually woven from the visible spectrum of seven colors. That kind of observation  dates from Newton's point of view on the separation of white light into colors according to their wavelengths. The human electromagnetic visible color spectrum ranges from 400 to 750 micrometers. When a ray of sunlight hits the retina of the eye, the eye transmits that coded light pattern to the brain as an electrical impulse. The information that enters the eye is actually an energy impulse, which the brain then converts into a 3D display.  The same thing happens with sound. Sound propagates in waves and its nature is not part of the electromagnetic spectrum, as are solar waves. Sound is created when a substance vibrates. Thus, the word as a modification of sound in the nature of reality influences the modification of matter and its occurrence. Sound perceptions take place as well as visual ones. So, impulses to neurons travel to the brain's center of sound, where sounds are actually interpreted. The human ear is able to hear sounds of frequencies in the range of 20 ~ 20,000 Hz. A lot of animals have this natural apparatus for detecting much wider spectra of sound audibility, and some even communicate on those bands. For example, whales communicate  with sound that emits extremely low frequencies in the range of 3 - 30hz.  All of the above takes place on the same principle in the biological receptors of touch, smell and taste. Nerve receptors on the fingertips send electrical impulses to the brain and warn it of the energetic nature of the environment. Language receptors are divided into partitions to point the brain to "bitter" and "sweet" energies.


It is important to keep in mind that the eyes, ears and other sensory organs of the material body  in fact, they convey only "impressions", but not the complete truth. These references actually indicate to us that the nature of materiality does not appear and does not occur as such outside the human brain. Outside the receptive range of the brain, it actually manifests itself in the form of waves  Energy. If the visual process does not take place in the eyes, then the sensory process does not take place in the ears. The sun's rays, sound and matter are not subject to this form beyond mental perception. They actually occur outside the mind as constants in a sea of energies that we call “Reality”. Knowing the nature of reality, such representations in the mind soon cease to be a mystery. And if we decide to use the connection of mental potentials and take a step forward, there is a possibility to peek a little deeper into that "rabbit hole" of the material nature of reality.


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

Micro and Macro connection

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