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Dr.  Erik Perl  describes the nature of Reconnective Frequencies (energy, light and information ™)  and connects their influence with man, his mental and life progress.

The connection of energy, light and information ™.  


~ "What you do is bring light and information to the planet."
~ "What you're doing is reconnecting chains."
~ "What you're doing is a thread reconnection."

"It was immediately clear to me what the 'chains' were about. When we use this energy for healing, we are not just healing some disease, we are literally reconnecting the strands of DNA, Deoxyribonucleic Acid. DNA is a complex molecule that contains two strands connected in the form of a double helix, like twisted skin. Science teaches us that every human being has two such chains in every DNA molecule in their body and that this configuration is the root of our genetic code or bluprint. And connecting threads: This refers to simultaneous events on parallel planes of existence. " Dr. Eric Perl - ( See string theory.) ~  “Reconnective Healing   it is firmly supported by the latest theories in the field of nuclear and quantum physics, in which everything we human beings have always believed to be true is actually reversed, so that time flows backwards, gravity with distance becomes stronger, and matter and energy they decompose into vibrating loops of strings. "

About new potential  energy, light and information.

"We exist in this vast multidimensional universe in our four-dimensional space which in quantum physics is represented in the form of a bubble. The parameters or walls of this bubble marked as height, length, width and time are filled with energy. But time moves fast, not linear and not in one direction, but rapidly and in all directions at the same time.In other words time expands.So it follows that our four-dimensional bubble also expands.And with it our ability to receive information.Suddenly new things are available to us that were previously before us were inaccessible, such as energy, light and information "." -  Dr. Eric Pearl

About nature  Reconnective Healing ™  

"The universe recognizes a person's needs and then creates circumstances that allow those needs to be adequately met. How exactly does that happen? No one really knows that. If I had to, I would theorize that a person's vibrational frequencies somehow interact with the vibrations that come through us. from space and react to them. " ~ "Energy is like light passing through a prism, and that prism is us. We join the person and the universe in creating a common field consisting of love - in the highest sense of the word - and a state of unity. The universe recognizes a person's needs and then creates circumstances that enable these needs to be adequately met. "  - Dr. Eric Pearl

Reconnective Healing ™   in its root nature it is not a technique.

The technique is like looking at the universe through one window.  But if we decide to look through several windows, we see a more complete photo. But even if we look through each window, we will not see the complete photo because each window is limited by its frame.  So, when we decide to go outside, outside the window, only then can we see the complete firmament. Some go outside but still carry their window frame in their hands to look through. When we transcend techniques, then we can reach all kinds of energies that exist in the environment. - Dr. Eric Pearl

About the effects  Reconnective Healing ™

Heart waves are changing. Brain waves change. Your radiation energy changes. Even the light from your DNA changes and vibrates at a higher and more consistent level. Somehow, this return to equilibrium, allows our imbalances to leave our body and it is essentially the way of healing that is most suitable for everyone. " - Dr. Eric Pearl

Does each person receive appropriate healing?

"And people asked me, did every person  get healing? I would say, no, maybe 70%, because I thought healing comes to everyone the same, in the same result they expect. But over time, I began to realize that sometimes, if you are really lucky, the results come the way you expected, but if you are really happy, the results will come the way you never dreamed, the way the universe planned for you. I now recognize that, so, everyone actually gets proper healing, we are that it sometimes comes in the form you expect, and sometimes it comes in a different form. Sometimes it happens instantaneously, and sometimes it comes over time. And sometimes after a long time you won't notice anything, but even then, things tend to happen slowly, so I believe everyone gets what belongs to them at that moment. "~ Some people need to challenge their health to give love , and some to receive love.Some because of their own lessons and some because  close people. Sometimes a health challenge is there for people to help them learn compassion, sometimes to help a parent, child, or spouse learn even more compassion. Sometimes it is necessary to help the relationship to grow or resolve. We can create various contracts throughout our lives to experience or experience them. Although none of us fully understands the divine mind, we grow in the desire to experience potential possibilities and thus our own potentials.  - Dr. Erik Perl

Indulgence and  not binding to a specific result.

“In RI ™ the crucial moment is not binding to the result during the session, because sometimes, preliminary beliefs can diminish that natural potential of Reconnective Healing ™ ~  Sometimes people experience the healing of problems they wanted to solve, and sometimes they experience the healing of problems they didn’t even pay attention to. Sometimes you only notice physical healing, but in reality they can receive emotional, spiritual, and mental healing at the same time. Sometimes the change isn’t obvious until weeks or months go by, and sometimes people don’t notice any change. Based on the reports we received from people who have received healings and who come from all over the world, we have concluded that these healings occur almost instantly and remain permanent. Reconnection is never managed, manipulated or in any way attempted to force healing. Reconnection is quite simply opening a door and the individual has to access and receive what goes through that door - healing that is unique and customized to that person by the universe. " - Dr. Eric Pearl

The natural flow of the session.

“Come in. Lie down and close your eyes. Let yourself float, but don’t fall asleep. Believe me, the one who listens to thoughts and prayers has certainly already heard yours. Not only did he hear everything you prayed for, but he also heard what you didn't even remember to pray for. He knows everything. He knew even before you entered. So stop talking, stop your inner dialogue and just listen; let the Universe bring you what you conclude you need. Just lie there and be open and ready not to experience "anything" just as you are ready to experience "something". If you are open, you will experience what is meant for you. ”  -  Dr. Eric Pearl  

Reconnective Healing session ™ at a distance.

“The frequencies of this reconnective continuum do not weaken with distance. This is because healing and transformation come through the exchange of information - light and information, to be precise. Although this healing can be transmitted through energy, the energy component of this information is only one of its transmitters. A simple analogy is whispering. Whispering takes much less energy than shouting, and yet, in the right situation, you get the same, if not more, information. In any case, what we are talking about here is not just the use of energy - it is also about the transfer of information. In other words, the transmission of information does not depend on the amount of energy that is transferred. "  - Dr. Eric Pearl

Mirror effect.

" We need to understand that the world and all its manifestations are a reflection of us. The reality is that when we share one-on-one healing as human beings, we begin to make better choices and make better decisions.  It’s like when we look in the mirror, the world is a reflection of who we are. When we share one-on-one healing, we begin to change the world. ~  "What you're doing is bringing light and information to the planet - where there is light and information, there can be no darkness. Through this light and information, among other things, comes transformation and proper healing."  - Dr. Eric Pearl


Reconnective Healing ™

  return to optimal equilibrium. It occurs as a natural result of interaction  with extensive and intelligent  spectrum  frequency consisting of energy,  light and information ™.  See topic

Reconnection ™

  precise and accurate  energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information ™ observed in the natural potential of the Reconnective  Healings ™.  The nature of the business is oriented towards ...  See topic

Dr.  Erik Perl

Wanting to bring Reconnective Healing closer to others, the nature of Erika's work took her to over 100 countries where she affected millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to approach that natural talent.
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