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     Tree of life


Through my visions, I would say that there are actually 7 types of reality, the so-called "Canopy",  on that Tree of Life.     
The tree of life correctly reflects the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm, embodies the nature of the soul and thus the concept of life, while its lush canopy on the branches represent dimensional realities for the fruits of various beings that exist in them.
  They are characterized by intelligent design of obvious nature and inspired awareness of mental energy. They are attracted to each other, imported, rotated and thus generate a complex life chord, that is. a masterpiece of nature that we see today. The tree of life, as an accurate map of everything that happens in general, objectively shows all types of existence in the soon-described dimensions, the so-called canopies. The realities described below contain all the elements of the tree of life, so that each of them actually represents a reduced copy, the microcosm in the macrocosm.    

Complete realities breathe together, intertwine, have reference laws, and each subsequent canopy allows
  a new, better kind of being. In them, fine matter permeates the coarse. Also, the dimensions within them have their own logic. Their ecosystems are alive and intelligent and arise as a gradation of organic and inorganic elements.  The complete nature of the canopy rests on finer energy threads. The events in them take place due to the influence of souls  which, in interaction with nature, give rise to such vivid manifestations of life, and which we perceive in matter and beyond.  The stated realities of existence  are actually separate  breathable energy membranes, and yet connected to the finest  the way. Each subsequent level in them is narrower and finer than the lower one. The events in them are life lessons that are adopted through experience by the nature of repetition in living beings.  In terms of materiality, the first three canopies represent organic realities, and the fourth, fifth and sixth inorganic. That is why the human mind can reach them through emotions sent from the mind, invoke their energies, establish contact with meditation.  In the seventh level of reality, the earlier dimensions elude further description, because they intertwine with each other and join the seventh canopy, which completes this life course of nature. The seventh canopy is the Source of macro and micro energy that animates and moves all realities. Its beginning is similar to the end, such as in the music scale, where the first and last tones become similar.  Canopies of consciousness  I identify with realities for the reason that beings in these stages of consciousness really perceive them as separate realities. For example,  the grass feels the element of fire differently from the element of water; the ant sees the earth element differently from the air element in which the eagle flies; and man again looks from the reference point known to him, that is. see reality. Thus, the inorganic reality has its dimensions of existence, and the organic ones have theirs and they are recognized in their subjects. The seventh reality is all-encompassing, it permeates them all and gives them life. But that whole cannot be fully understood by observation from organic matter. That is why the energy of the soul transcends to higher, inorganic levels. As it matures in organic matter, it travels to the Supersoul.                                    


As the nature of the macrouniverse flows from seven dimensions, so man as its personification has seven auric membranes that correspond to these dimensions. Auric envelopes actually envelop the soul and use it when collecting impressions through the external and internal dimensions of nature.  It is very difficult to describe the heavenly kingdoms from material reality, because such visions arise from the notion of the human mind, its gift to penetrate above the first three earthly dimensions. The described canopies represent the sum of visions during meditative journeys, astral projections and  material points of view, so that they do not possess a precise form of comprehension. These insights are adorned with the aesthetics of my mind and represent the relative fruit in my mind canopies. A priori, the souls in them represent the energy of one and the same nature that has always been happening in different proportions and perspectives of life.


PLANETARY VISION  ®  ~  From  books  "The Nature of Reality"  ~  Ivan Mirkovic

Micro and Macro connection

The human mind is a copied projection of the mind of nature which, as its macro embodiment, acts on him and his events. That is why the complete dimensions of nature are in him, in man, not outside him.
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Book of impressions

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