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Odricanja od odgovornosti:

Ivan Mirkovic

I first met Reconnection in Belgrade in 2013. Looking at the shop windows, the book caught my attention  Dr.  Erik Perla "Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself". (The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself). I bought it and started reading slowly the next morning. Indeed, the book is read in the breath and I immediately noticed that it was written very carefully, so that it would be understandable even to beginners who are just getting acquainted with the subject. The third part of the book was a lot of fun for me, as it also describes a practical part that introduces you to how to actually feel the energy. I will never forget that moment. Between my palms I felt incredibly strong "waves" through which, then not knowing exactly, I "communicated" with the reconnective frequencies. Later, I wanted to, as the title of the book suggests, share that gift of healing with others, and shortly thereafter, in 2014, I embarked on appropriate professional training regarding Reconnective Healing ™ and Reconnection ™.

For me, Reconnection is a gift to communicate through energy that truly strives to reconnect us with the universe and encourage us to evolve in our own naturalness. Finally, in order to start moving properly in it, we must first remind ourselves who we are.  

And we actually represent an unbreakable bond of micro and macro nature. On these insights, we ourselves create our own reality ~ first internal and then external.  So, if we really want to influence the events of the current life, We must first harmonize the breathing, eyes and ears with the breathing, eyes and ears of nature and the universe. To become aware of our own breathing, emotions, thoughts, movements, nature, trees, grass, ants, other people. To start connecting with the codes of nature, to follow their rhythm, to follow them. It is really not difficult, and it is very useful because all the good that comes from them is directly reflected back to us.          


With the flow of Reconnective Energy, we are reminded of who we really are. 

Reconnective Healing ™

  return to optimal equilibrium. It occurs as a natural result of interaction  with an extensive spectrum  frequency consisting of energy,  light and information .  The nature of frequencies  is realistic. See topic

Reconnection ™

  precise and accurate  energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information ™ observed in the natural potential of the Reconnective  Healings ™.  The nature of the business is oriented towards ...  See topic



Interaction with energy, light  and information   encourages and appropriate effects that begin to develop in a person a new and more natural vision of health, harmony, vitality and Life Progress ™.  See topic

Dr.  Erik Perl

Wanting to bring Reconnective Healing closer to others, the nature of Erika's work took her to over 100 countries where she affected millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to approach that natural talent.
  See topic

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