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The Electrophone Camera (EPC) is an instrument  which is based  on Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) analysis  and is part of a computerized system for studying human energy fields. Using the Kirlian effect, this technique works  beyond traditional Kirlian photography. The EPC system allows direct observation in real time and insight into the analysis of changes in the energy field of humans and other organisms. The collected information was quantified and analyzed through sophisticated software. The technology has remarkable implications for many healthcare areas, including conventional and  complementary medicine.  Research with EPC  device are currently being implemented at universities and  research institutes on the planet, in areas such as  medicine, "energy medicine" (at the University of  Arizona and Holos University), sports training,  biophysics, parapsychology, etc.  Recently, a new application of EPC for remote has been developed  discovery of human emotions called "EPC Sputnik". Interesting results with this
by remote experiment are presented in a suitable topic.

More than 50 people of both sexes attended the workshop and participated in the experiments.  For some experiments, volunteers were selected to provide personal energy observations. In others, all participants were collaborators in the experiments.  The course of the experiment. First is  Dag De Vito introduced the Reconnective Healing technique to all volunteers. Then,  he and his assistant provided RI treatment for 5 volunteers. Subjects were measured with EPC before and after treatment.  The results.  EPC-grams of all 10 fingers of the volunteers were recorded before and after receiving Reconnective Healing. An increase in energy was recorded in all five volunteers. The changes were statistically significant for three of these people. Similarly, reductions in variation for entropy parameters recorded significant harmonization of participants.  

Electrophotonic sensor  

The remote sensor is a spherical antenna connected to the discharge plate of the Electrophone Camera. The sensor is positioned in the corner of the room and is turned on at the beginning of the lunch break. The sensor records the energy signal from the room in automatic mode, every 5 seconds and forwards the data and records it on the memory card. Each recorded point has a timestamp included. After the workshop, all data were processed in the "GDV Scilab" software program, providing time dynamics in several parameters.  The highest reaction was recorded while Doug DeVito presented Reconnective Healing and trained people on how to feel energy.

The energy modalities of healing have been explored as part of an applied workshop - Reconnective Healing is said to connect people with a new set of vibrational frequencies that encourage healing of the body and mind through a return to balance. In practical terms, RI practitioners use their hands to feel and pull  electromagnetic biofields of persons being healed. Practitioners also dedicate more  attention to healing others rather than healing yourself. However, during the training they practice on themselves and thus get used to feeling their own energy fields.

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Coherence effects

Dr. Korotkov assumes that these coherence effects can be channels, which allow seminar participants to initially adopt a new level of healing much faster, during just one weekend seminar.
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Olympic athletes from Russia

A double-blind test was conducted on the Russian Olympic team, a total of 40 people. The study is designed so that test subjects conduct it over two days
  six hours in interaction with RI frequencies.  View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Relation of human emotions

Appropriate research in human-computer interactions has been developed
  methods for detecting emotional  lecturer status through audio signal evaluation. The device and method are based on ...   View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

EPC camera measurements

The Electrophone Camera (EPC) represents the instrument
  which is based  on gas visualization (GDV) release analysis  and is part of a computerized system for studying human energy fields.  View topic ...

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