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Heal Revolution  - 1 - 15 November  2016


Join the exciting event, live internet (Live stream) broadcast from 01 - 15 November 2016.

"Health is more than a destination, it's a way of life!" Be inspired by 45 top experts, including Dr. Eric Perla.  If you want to heal yourself and others, the conference provides you with very relevant expertise from the world of famous experts in the form of video interviews and exercises such as meditation, nutrition advice as well as working with energies. 

Dr. Eric Pearl,
  Sabrina Fox,  Dr.  Leonard  Coldwell,  Ina Rudolph,  Dr. Paul Drouin MD,  Caroline Cory,  Remo  Rittiner,  Katharina  Nestelberger,  Liz Howard,  Martin Zoller,  Oasis Zoller,  Tom Peter Rietdorf,  Michael Monk,  Hira Hosen,  Dr. Ruediger  Dahlke,  Sonja Ariel & Sven von Staden,  Christina & Robert Salopek,  Britta C. Lambert,  Markus Rothkranz,  Sara Avant Stover,  Bruno Würtenberger,  Lena Giger,  Uwe Albrecht,  Petra A. Jäggi,  Bodo Deletz,  More  Yamaguchi,  Sonja Szielinski & Stanley Kleindienst,  Mari Nil,  Christoph AM Henninger,  Kelley Kosow,  Tao  Qingyu & Elke Ahlrichs,  Dr. Kirsten Deutschländer,  MaRa Eickermann,  Marc Gray,  Lisa Biritz,  Burkhard Koller,  Katrin Stigge,  Martin Herzberg,  Alexandra Strüven,  Raho Bornhorst,  Dorothy Shelton,  Lynne McTaggart,  Pauline Rousse,  Christine Giner & Christian Reckermann.

  Heal Revolution  - 1 - 15 November  2016
★ Lecturers: 45 renowned experts

Language: English  



My travels throughout the year. If you want a personal energy session Rec. Healing ® and Reconnection ® in your city and its vicinity, you can contact me in the specified periods.
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Legal statements

Dr. Eric Pearl and persons
  related to that business,  including but not limited to RI ® and R ®,  they promise nothing, do not claim anything, do not diagnose, or treat certain health challenges.   View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora


Book of impressions during and after reconnective sessions.
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Ivan Mirkovic ~ Sert.
  Practitioner of Reconnective Healing ® and Re-connection  ®. Planetary Vision  ® Citizens' Association ~ Herceg Novi  Contact and reservation: GSM: +382 69 23 49 35 ~   View topic ...

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