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RI ® | Energetski transfer 

RI ® | Energy transfer 

The seven billion people on planet Earth are constantly immersed in a sea of energy and like stars in the firmament, always connected by invisible mental and intellectual threads. If a child cries at one end of the planet, his energy touches all people at the finest level.  The complete nature is mentally networked. The complete universe "breathes" and has a soul. The energy of the mind is "alive," and it travels, expanding from it. Where there is the attention of the mind, there flows the energy.

Reconnective Healings
  ® (RI)  they can also be performed by energy transfer no matter where you actually are on the planet. So they are also a great option for people who cannot travel. Because the energy of the mind is immeasurably fast, the reconnective energy acts instantaneously, and soon becomes a continuum.  The effects are exactly the same throughout  RI  ® live sessions  and RI  ®  energy transfer.


The natural flow of the RI ® session  energy transfer.  “Lie down and close your eyes. Let yourself float, but don't fall asleep. "~ Dr. Eric Pearl 

From you  you are expected to lie on your back comfortably (without a pillow) on the bed, close your eyes and be relaxed. Let yourself. Observe the events that take place in the body and mind. In order to receive energy most appropriately, it is best to be in a state of openness and expectation without being tied to the final flow and effect.  The energy session lasts about 30 minutes. Be sure to turn off your mobile device before the session  or other electronic devices that may interfere with you. The same goes for the sounds and lighting in the room.  Jewelry  You can keep it on you if it is comfortable.  Your indulgence in sessions is vital to its flow. That means not trying, no  direct energy, do not concentrate, meditate,  use special breathing techniques ... Observe,  let yourself.

Reconnective Healings ® are performed in  1 ~ 3 connected energy sessions, live or energy transfer, lasting 30 minutes. In doing so, the maximum duration between sessions is important not to exceed 7 days.

After receiving the amazing results of Reconnective Healing ™  Energy transfer ,  you may want to provide a mind beyond healing and discover how Reconnection Vam  it can be used to get to know your mental priorities and thus improve the quality of life on planet Earth.

Book of Impressions ~  during and after energy sessions  RI  ® Energy transfer.

Reconnection ®  (R)

It represents the heritage of humanity. An efficient energy model designed to speed up exchange
  energy, light and information observed in natural potential  Reconnective. Healing  ®.  View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

RI ® |  Rec. Flora and Fauna ♥


RI  ®  benefits plants and animals when they are in their natural environment. That strong one  the impulse for life really allows them to harness the potential of Recon incredibly effectively. Energy.  View topic ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora


Book of impressions during and after reconnective sessions.
  The experiences of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation are careful  presented in an appropriate topic.   View topic ...

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