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A book of impressions during and after Reconnective Healing ® (RI) sessions. The impressions of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation, are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic.  


RI ® | Guestbook Ines, 29 years old ~ Podgorica (October, 2015)


  First  session  ​


The first and most intense  the feeling was a strong charge  energy that spreads throughout the body, however mostly stationed along the solar plexus, in the right leg (more precisely the thigh) and in the area of the left ovary. The session was accompanied by a strong feeling of a hoop around the neck, which at some points blocked the airways. Occasional twitching of the hands and fists occurs during treatment. The vision of a bird looking at the sky from its nest, silent and with its open beak, is also impressive, after which I take it and throw it high and strong like a rocket, as much as I can. A sudden burst of laughter occurs somewhere in the middle of the session, and shortly afterwards a strong feeling of loneliness and sadness that results in crying. Towards the end of the session, there is unbearable pain and pressure in the front of the head.

After the session, there are more and more strong cramps and stabs in the stomach with accompanying nausea, which culminate almost to the point of intolerance. It is a surprising fact that at some point the sound of an acoustic guitar was heard from the TV, after which the pain stopped immediately. A feeling of disorientation, weakness, "drafts in the chest" is expressed. Confusing dreams occur the same evening.

Days after the first energ. the session lasts for trembling pain and helplessness in the right hand, tenderness, emotionality, tension, mild anxiety and occasional, but strong, stomach cramps.


  The other one  session  ​


The second session was marked by repeated pains in the right leg and right arm. Feeling as if someone has walled you up on the right side of the bed and you can't move. Restlessness and twitching in the hands occur again. There is also a feeling of uncomfortable floating, nausea. Fear grips every atom of my being. Images of witches, vampires, scary dragons, images of pornographic content alternate in flashes. Blackness before the eyes. Anger. Envy. Sadness. The crying caused by the pure emotion of fear reappears. At some point, a voice appears saying "I will free you from cancer and AIDS." Throughout the session, I constantly pray to God within me to help me. At some point I clearly see myself in the sky, under his feet, where I beg and beg him in tears. He is silent, mostly with his head turned, but at some point he turns to me and just watches me.

Strong feeling of disorientation after the session, however less feeling of tension and anxiety that existed before the session itself. Confusing dreams appear the same evening, as well as repeated pain and helplessness in the right hand.


  Third  session  ​


The third session was marked by a feeling that has accompanied me since I was a child and that occurs in cases of insanity resulting in high fever. At the same time, the right hand becomes leaden and heavy, bigger and bigger, it becomes huge. However, now that feeling from the fist is gradually spreading to the entire body. The feeling was real and frightening. I'm starting to cry. The agony ceases and is replaced by a strong invisible pressure first on the right and then on the left hand. Against my will, my hands turn outwards and from a clenched spasm they spread towards the ceiling. The whole session is followed by pronounced restlessness, twitching and cramps in the hands, especially in the right. At some point he appears  a vision of me in black and white film. There is a feeling of fear so that in my vision I stay in place and do not turn left or right, in order to protect myself from possible events.


After the session I feel calm. Before going to bed, there is a strong cramp in the stomach, which, instructed by previous experience from the first session, is eliminated by the sound of an acoustic guitar. Confusing dreams.


It is very early to predict any progress, considering that not even a week has passed since the last session, however, I can already compare the state of mind before and after. Anger, impatience, irritability, black thoughts, hatred and fear, each day more and more loosen the hoop in which I found myself. Love, compassion and tenderness, as emotions that in previous years, due to the tragedy that blocked them, could not take their toll, are now becoming more and more pronounced every day. There is an all-encompassing sense of harmony.

★ Respecting privacy, a person's personal information is of a private nature.                

RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Ines, 29 god. ~ Podgorica (Oktobar, 2015)

Njegos, 31 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"I felt restlessness in my eyes. I couldn't keep them closed, but my eyelids" played "for about 3-4 minutes. I felt a thrust on my lower back, and in my hands I felt like they were floating ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Žana, 42 years old ~ Belgrade

"Especially the beginning was wonderful. This morning I feel nice and relaxed. I have a nice dream. I expressed love and kindness to people, it filled me. So far I have been very stingy in expressing kindness ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Tanja, 24 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"Yes, I'm very sensitive.
  I experience everything with my soul. My impression after the first session is bliss and gratitude. I slept so well, like a baby. I feel that way this morning too. Indeed, I am so ... "   See impression

Ljubica, 23 years old ~ Podgorica  

"At first I felt as if my arms were raised and floating in the air. Then it felt as if the back of my head was glued to the bed and the rest of my body at an angle of approximately 45 ° ...."
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