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A book of impressions during and after Reconnective Healing sessions ® (RI) ~ distance sessions . The impressions of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation, are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic.  


RI ® | Guestbook   Strawberry, 59  yr. ~  Belgrade (January, 2015)


  First  session  ​


I have the impression that the treatment started today when we agreed on it. You Ivana have extremely strong energy. I was upset all day and around 5:00 pm I was so nervous. As the session time approached  she passed. At the very beginning, I felt a strong pressure in my chest, which was present more or less during the entire session. The next were not so strong pains in my right shoulder and left hip that have been bothering me for some time. After their cessation, I felt extremely light, as if I were floating, and after a few moments I felt a huge flow of energy through my left palm and a little later through my right. There is a lot of pressure on the shoulders and throat, headaches, heat on the cheeks, and on the whole head. It was very unusual for me when pictures and words started to appear during the session, even though I was completely relaxed. They were very nice and beautiful. I even unconsciously promised Ivan something, and if everything goes as it should, God willing, I will fulfill my promise. Dear Ivan, thank you very much, you are a true human soul.  


  After the first session in the morning, I felt great tenderness and love for my husband, children ... I cried. And in the afternoon I started to feel very sleepy. The will has disappeared, the feeling is awful, at the same time, stomach pains, fear has appeared with the impression that I need to learn something and what, I can't figure out in any way.


  The other one  session  ​


The energy was much less intense than the first time. At first, my head on the left side hurt a lot and I felt a strong heat. After the pain stopped, I felt energy in my left hand, as if someone was massaging my fingers on it. The feeling of energy spread to both arms and abdomen, and there was pressure in the lower abdomen (I had surgery a year ago) and started to climb towards the upper part. The pressure on my shoulders, chest and throat followed, and at one point I had the impression that I would suffocate. Everything passed in an instant and I felt only great warmth all over my body, mild vibrations and thrust of the body on the bed (feeling that I could not move). At the same time, I had the impression that I was terribly heavy. Suddenly everything was gone, the session was over. Today is a new day.

I can say with great joy that I am sure that I will not smoke anymore. Some time ago I bought an electronic cigarette and I couldn't (or didn't want to) leave cigarettes next to it. After the second session, I managed it without any effort. For now, I use the electronic one, but I think that in ten days, and maybe even sooner, I won't use it either. I am calmer than usual and I have more faith in myself and that gives me pleasure.  


  Third  session  ​


At the very beginning, I did not feel anything, as time passed, pressure appeared in my stomach (the part where the stomach is), which continued to spread towards my legs. Literally, through  I felt pressure in that part the whole session. In addition, an image of a wide brush appeared in front of my eyes, swaying from left to right. In an instant, I realized that energy was cleansing me. This is followed by strong pressure in the dark part of the head and a feeling of warmth. Then the pressure on the shoulders and throat, which was very dry all the time. Then the energy started to spread throughout the body. I felt warmth in my legs and arms. All in all, I know there is a lot of work here but I am sure that from now on I will be fine because for the first time in many years I do not feel nervous and I do not have a stomach cramp from the moment I open my eyes.


  Fourth  session  ​


Extremely strong energy. The beginning started with a huge heat in my head and a picture in front of my eyes (as if someone was trying to open my chest) with the feeling that I should let my soul open, that all the torments that have been accumulating there for years come out of it. The image disappears, and the brain seems to boil. Strong energy and heat in my fists reached my elbows and flooded my entire torso, starting from the lower abdomen to my chest. At one point, I had the impression that all my internal organs were warming up to the boiling point. Then the energy in the left leg with the feeling as if someone is trying to pull it out. The feeling of pressure in my shoulders and shoulders (and I know that I keep all my pain and problems there). Then a pain in the neck that expands towards the head. At one point, the feeling and image of a bunch of black masses coming out of me and going somewhere upstairs. Then I simply felt that it was brought to an end. So it was. Dear Ivan, thank you to heaven.


    Fifth  session  ​ 


Very confused. The course of the session was relatively calm. Pressure in the area of the solar plexus (as if someone is lightly rolling over it, very pleasantly), then pressure on the chest, and finally pressure in the head. It all looked like a gentle massage that aroused a feeling of gratitude to God and John, a wonderful person. This is followed by a visual display. I saw the canopy of trees with a beautiful blue sky, on which a cloud and the sun that shone beautifully through the canopy with a sense of peace. I’m a little excited because deep down I know everything will be as it should be.


Today is a new day. The day after the fifth session. I woke up a little sleepless, not in a very good mood, but then everything went through my head, I can do everything, I'm happy, I'm happy. Positive affirmation is a miracle, and I have known that for a long time, but I lost my mind somewhere. I know everything will be as it should be and everything will be fine. I love you Ivana and thank you for the restored peace.   

★ Respecting privacy, a person's personal information is of a private nature.                

RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Jagoda, 59 god. ~ Beograd (Januar, 2015)

Njegos, 31 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"I felt restlessness in my eyes. I couldn't keep them closed, but my eyelids" played "for about 3-4 minutes. I felt a thrust on my lower back, and in my hands I felt like they were floating ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Žana, 42 years old ~ Belgrade

"Especially the beginning was wonderful. This morning I feel nice and relaxed. I have a nice dream. I expressed love and kindness to people, it filled me. So far I have been very stingy in expressing kindness ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Tanja, 24 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"Yes, I'm very sensitive.
  I experience everything with my soul. My impression after the first session is bliss and gratitude. I slept so well, like a baby. I feel that way this morning too. Indeed, I am so ... "   See impression

Ljubica, 23 years old ~ Podgorica  

"At first I felt as if my arms were raised and floating in the air. Then it felt as if the back of my head was glued to the bed and the rest of my body at an angle of approximately 45 ° ...."
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