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RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Nikola, 34 god. ~ Novi Sad (septembar, 2014)

A book of impressions during and after  Reconnective Healing sessions R (RI) . The impressions of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation, are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic.  


RI ™ | Guestbook Nikola, 34 years old ~ Novi Sad (September, 2014)


  First  session  ​


At first I felt as if someone was pulling my head up, arms and legs, as if someone was pulling them out, as if I was coming out of my skin. I felt that my right nostril opened, that is. that I have breathed, and I have a deviation of the nose. Then flow, vibration, ie. shivering all over the body, but legs and arms the most. I felt like I was floating, like someone had separated me from the table, that I was very light. That my eyelids are trying to open. My right leg then started to tremble a lot, as if it was moving. In the left part of my stomach, under my ribs, I felt a stronger vibration. In the part of the door I felt a thrust of heat. Everything was going through my head, various images from the past. After the first session, I felt as if someone had disassembled me and reassembled me. Completely relieved and relaxed, as if I had taken bensedine, otherwise I am very nervous. I feel that my shoulders are much more relaxed, as if someone has massaged me well. I'm starting to feel sleepy.


  The other one  session  ​


This morning my lower spine stopped hurting. I became more mobile. At work I am much more relaxed and determined, nothing touches me and I got a stronger will to work. At the beginning of the session, I first felt some warmth all over my body, and then, non-stop, my right eyelid wanted to open. Then I felt like my arms and legs were starting to float chaotically. The right foot also played continuously with the left hand, which seemed to start to tremble, so it stopped. Then tingling in the palms. Chest pain on the right side. The intestines began to swell. Throat pressure. The fingers also played. Shrug your left shoulder. I heard music. In the very beginning, two points below my ribs played, like some thrust. I saw Disney heroes.


  Third  session  ​


Last night after the second session, I felt a slight pain from the center of my chest, towards my shoulders. During the third  sessions, I first felt a sudden flicker on the left side below the ribs. My left arm jerked, then my right leg. My whole body throbbed slightly with sudden bursts of heat. My palms were sweating. My left lid wanted to open, and then my right, more than my left. I felt a slight pain down my spine on the right side, and then a throbbing pain. I saw a glowing ball making circular motions. Bowel movements.


After three sessions  i feel completely relaxed. In stressful moments, I react calmly and spontaneously, and otherwise I am very nervous and plan quickly. I have gained the will to work and I am motivated for the future plans I want to achieve in life. The pain in the lower part of the spine stopped. I'm more agile, more flexible. My head is clearer. Thanks.

★ Respecting their privacy, personal information of persons is of a private nature.                

Njegos, 31 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"I felt restlessness in my eyes. I couldn't keep them closed, but my eyelids" played "for about 3-4 minutes. I felt a thrust on my lower back, and in my hands I felt like they were floating ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Žana, 42 years old ~ Belgrade

"Especially the beginning was wonderful. This morning I feel nice and relaxed. I have a nice dream. I expressed love and kindness to people, it filled me. So far I have been very stingy in expressing kindness ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Tanja, 24 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"Yes, I'm very sensitive.
  I experience everything with my soul. My impression after the first session is bliss and gratitude. I slept so well, like a baby. I feel that way this morning too. Indeed, I am so ... "   See impression

Ljubica, 23 years old ~ Podgorica  

"At first I felt as if my arms were raised and floating in the air. Then it felt as if the back of my head was glued to the bed and the rest of my body at an angle of approximately 45 ° ...."
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