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RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Dražen, 35 god. ~ Beograd

A book of impressions during and after Reconnective Healing ® (RI) sessions. The impressions of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation, are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic.  


RI ® | Guestbook Drazen, 35 years old ~ Belgrade (September, 2014)

  The first session  


At the first energ. sessions on the injured arm I felt as if someone was pulling something warm over my arm and as if pulling out my tendons and adjusting them. After that, I felt as if something was passing through me, like a kind of warm wire, passing through my kidneys and back. I had a feeling in my head as if someone wanted to take off a heavy black hat from my head, and it was going to be very difficult. After that, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I had the feeling that I weighed only 5 kg, and I felt incredible relief in my whole body, and especially in my stomach. In my chest while Ivan was doing the session, I had a similar feeling as on my arm, only both sides of my chest opened and I breathed on my nose after a long time, because I have a deviation of my nose. Also, I felt as if something had been removed that had bothered me for a long time. These are my experiences in the first session.


  The other one  session  


During the second session, I felt a shiver run through my whole body, and most of all on my injured arm. Not long after, this time in my head I felt as if icy stalagmites were breaking through some black mass and opening my view. I also saw yellow, light blue clouds breaking up that mass and bringing in light. In the area of the door, I then felt as if someone was pulling my throat upwards with my hand, as if freeing up space so that the air could flow better. Immediately afterwards, I inhaled strongly, so strongly with the feeling that I had never inhaled more strongly in my life. After that I fell asleep again and woke up light as in the first therapy. When I got up I had a feeling that my eyes were very open with a sense of satisfaction that overwhelmed me at that moment.


  Third  session  ​


After two sessions I was ready for the third. I went to bed and not long after that, that nice feeling of tingling all over my body started. In my injured hand, I again had the feeling that someone was pulling the tendons over my elbow, as if adjusting them from the inside. I felt my chest expand and not long after, I started to breathe harder. Then I felt some heat rising from the heel to the end of the thigh. After that, I woke up with an incredible feeling, as if I came out of somewhere full of energy and will.


I feel good, Ivan. My hand hurts very little, almost nothing. I had a couple of bouts of nervousness and a couple of times I felt like crying for nothing.      


★ Respecting their privacy, personal information of persons is of a private nature.                

Njegos, 31 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"I felt restlessness in my eyes. I couldn't keep them closed, but my eyelids" played "for about 3-4 minutes. I felt a thrust on my lower back, and in my hands I felt like they were floating ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Žana, 42 years old ~ Belgrade

"Especially the beginning was wonderful. This morning I feel nice and relaxed. I have a nice dream. I expressed love and kindness to people, it filled me. So far I have been very stingy in expressing kindness ..."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Tanja, 24 years old ~ Danilovgrad

"Yes, I'm very sensitive.
  I experience everything with my soul. My impression after the first session is bliss and gratitude. I slept so well, like a baby. I feel that way this morning too. Indeed, I am so ... "   See impression

Ljubica, 23 years old ~ Podgorica  

"At first I felt as if my arms were raised and floating in the air. Then it felt as if the back of my head was glued to the bed and the rest of my body at an angle of approximately 45 ° ...."
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