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The head and director of public health department of the Ministry of Health in Montenegro informed me that the presented Reconnection method will be added as a amendment to the Regulation of Traditional and Alternative Healing Methods, under Article 3, category II (Methods of preserving and improving human health), under number 3, entitled, THE RECONNECTION (Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnection).

William A. Tiller.jpg

Dr. William Tiller

Stanford University Emeritus Professor - Department of Material Science. ~ Author of eight books, 250 scientific papers and stars of "What The Bleep ...!?" ~ More than 30 years he is studying subtle energies. Read More

Gary E. Schwartz.jpg

Dr. Gary Schwartz

Director of the Awareness Lab at Arizona State University. ~ Director of Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, Psychology and Surgery ~ Director, Laboratories for the Advancement of Awareness and Health.
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Hiroshi Motoyama.jpg

Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama


Scientist, lecturer and author. He is the inventor of the Apparatus for Meridian Identification (AMI) which reads the flow of energy through the meridians of the body and is used in many hospitals in Japan. Read More

Dr Eric Pearl.jpg

Dr. Eric Pearl

Wishing that RH approaches to others, the nature of this work took Eric to over 100 countries in which he made impact on millions of people. Eric hopes that one day everyone will learn to access this natural gift. 
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