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Book of impressions during and after energy sessions of Reconnective Healings ® . The experiences of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic. Respecting their privacy, the references of the mentioned persons are of a private nature.  


RI ® | Guestbook Divna, 22 years old  ~ Belgrade


  First  session  ​


At the first session, I felt like I was floating, my body became completely relaxed. During the energy session, I first felt warmth in my stomach, where I often have pain and pulsation, ie. "stomach upset." Then, out of my desire, my head began to move slowly to the left and right, to the extent that I could not go otherwise. I felt an extremely strong flexibility of the body.


The next morning, after the first session, I had heightened emotions, negative thoughts and crying.


  Second session  ​


At the beginning of the session, I felt a rapid heartbeat and complete emptiness in my stomach, the impression that I did not have any organs in that part of the body. Various images and visions passed through me and I was completely "nailed" to the bed, with the feeling that I could not move any part  bodies, though I wanted to, but I couldn’t whenever I really tried.  Then my feet moved to the point that I felt light with the best body position that suits me. Then I had a strong burning sensation in my eyes as well as the fact that a tear would flow from the pain, so I kept my eyes very closed and otherwise I have a diopter. At one point I calmed down completely and fell asleep. When I woke up, I felt very rested, with the impression that I slept for 4-5 hours, although the session lasted about 30 minutes, and my sleep less than 10 minutes.

Immediately after the session, I felt it
  rest and relief, as if I had slept for a long time. When I got up, I had a sharp pain in my lower back, like after a massage (and for a long time I have a problem with that part of my back). The experience is different every time, but after the energy sessions I feel increased comfort, first emotional, and then physical. Thank you.


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Information related to impressions during Reconnections ® , Energ. transfer , Rec. Flora and Fauna   are found in appropriate topics.

RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Divna, 22 god. ~ Beograd
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Dušica, 45 years old. ~ Novi Sad

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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Amra, 39 y. ~ Pula

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Ljubica, 23 years old ~ Podgorica  

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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Ektarina, 47 y. - Paris

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