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RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Marinko, 70 god. ~ Kotor

Book of impressions during and after energy sessions of Reconnective Healings ® . The experiences of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic. Respecting their privacy, personal information of persons is of a private nature.  


RI ® | Guestbook  Marinko, 70 years old ~ Kotor


  First  session  ​


At the beginning of the energy. sessions  first I felt an instant relaxation and movement of the bones in my neck. Then tingling in my hands, which made me abruptly open and close my fist several times. I couldn't calm my eyes, and neither could the muscles on my face, which were constantly convulsing. I also noticed sudden changes in breathing, from shallow breaths to very deep ones. At the same time, my mouth opened against my will, as if they were trying to say something. My right arm started hovering and jerking, and so did my left leg which I have problems with. I wanted to open my eyes, to see what was happening, but I could not coordinate my movements due to the intense and pleasant relaxation, especially in my spine, even though I was lying on the rather hard mattress of the massage bed. Then I felt a “pull” out of my lower spine, as if someone was pulling something warm out of me. I saw myself on the edge of the abyss rescuing myself from falling at the last moment. During the entire session, I actually felt a pleasant relaxation, regardless of the reactions that took place with my body at times.

After the first session, I noticed a more reliable posture, easier getting up, more flexible walking, better balance after getting up and during walking. My back pain decreased. I feel like my feet are somehow “softer”.


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Information related to impressions during Reconnections ® , Energ. transfer , Rec. Flora and Fauna   are found in appropriate topics.

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Pauna, 90 years old ~ Perast

"The swelling under the armpit would disappear, and in the morning it would reappear, in the form of a ball. And so for several days and nights, until it permanently receded, and when it receded, I felt exactly ..."
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Dragutin, 53 years old ~ Podgorica

"My right arm started to float for a few minutes. Then, as if someone had tapped me on the back and my shoulders instantly relaxed. Relaxation
  as if it were someone  a heavy stone moved from me ... "  See the impression ...

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Zdravko, 55  yr. ~ Niksic

"Those parts of my body start to flicker, as if they're plugged in. I try to squint and the eyelids open on their own and I don't have complete control over them. Then I suddenly
  inhaled ... "   See the impression ...

Dimitar, 73 years old ~ Belgrade  


"In the third session, I felt my whole body get tired and relaxed, and a little later my body twitched. After the third session, the swelling on my right leg completely receded, and so did my left leg, but after 7 days ..."  See the impression ...

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