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A book of impressions during and after Reconnective sessions Healing ® (RI) ~ remote sessions . The impressions of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation, are carefully recorded and presented in an appropriate topic.  


RI ® | Guestbook  Ektarina 47 y. - Paris, France  March, 2015


  First  session  ​


At first I felt very heavy. Then, the pressure on my chest that triggered a mild panic attack in me. I sighed a few times, probably 7-8 times. Suddenly I felt that I was no longer heavy, so I felt pressure on my left chest (I had surgery on it). I was breathing hard. I felt my hands go up, as if they were no longer on the bed. Then his right hand began to turn to the right, toward the wall. I felt twitching with my right side of the body, mostly with my right hand, and I felt cold in that half of my body. After the therapy, I felt good, my head was a little dizzy.


Good morning. I dreamed of war last night. But I was just watching, I wasn’t fighting. I got up at six in the morning first, I was fine, I got up happy. As it was too early, I fell asleep again and woke up at 10 in the morning, tired, with visible back pain and mild intoxication. The next day I slept very badly. I was very nervous and  furious at all, but  I was physically better. I had less headaches, I had more mental strength and physical strength. The existing pain in my spine "concentrated" at one point near the center of the spine. Dull pain, with the feeling as if something was attached to that part.


I'm better this morning. I am no longer nervous or angry. I even had a good laugh with the kids tonight. My spine doesn't hurt anymore.


  The other one  session  ​


For the first time, I became very heavy. I twitched a few times, my whole body. I felt "like I was flying" and my back was still "stuck" on the bed. Some parts of my body hurt. For example, above the chest (above the chest, from before, I have a portakat - for chemotherapy injections) and behind my left leg (I injured it 4 years ago, but now I feel much better). At the end, I fell asleep and dreamed that I was on a train, that we had a collision and that water penetrated the train. I couldn't breathe anymore, so I suddenly woke up. After that, I couldn't sleep for a long time.


This morning, of course, I feel tired, my heart is beating a little harder and I am a bit "depressed". I have a lot to do today, and I would just lie in bed to sleep.


  Third  session  ​


At the beginning, I immediately fell asleep, and shortly after, I was awakened by a strong heat, all over my body. I felt that I was "heavy" again and again the pressure on my chest during which it was difficult for me to breathe. Then the energy in the knees, left leg and wrist of the left hand. Not long after, at the end of the therapy, I felt tired and then fell asleep. I dreamed of some European meeting for health (for good nutrition) and I taught the boy “skateboarding”.  


  My head is spinning a lot this morning, but the pressure is good. I stay in bed to rest.


I feel really good today. Nothing hurts me anymore. I feel neither sad nor overjoyed. I feel "light", as if nothing weighs. Nervousness has dropped, I feel calmer in my body. How long that will take, I have no idea. But I feel like everything is in place.

★ Respecting privacy, a person's personal information is of a private nature.                

RI ® | Knjiga utisaka | Ektarina 47 god. - Pariz, Francuska | Mart, 2015.

Ljubica, 23 years old | Podgorica  

"After the session, I felt great, full of energy, joy! The pain completely disappeared. When I went to bed, I couldn't sleep because of happiness and excess energy. Three days after that, I felt ...
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Ruža, 59 years old | Novi Sad

"I had a picture of a ladybug that seemed to suck all the pain out of my neck, allergies that I currently have and swelling from me. Then a strong heat from my head to my chest and shoulders. I felt tingling in ...
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Žana, 42 years old |  White City

"This morning I feel nice and relaxed. I have a nice dream. I expressed love and kindness to people, it filled me. So far I have been very stingy in expressing kindness. I have slept a very invigorating dream."
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Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora

Amra, 39 y. | Pula

“My intuition intensified.
  I feel fulfilled and again in my world overwhelmed with love to which I truly belong.  My thoughts became as crystal clear as my life vision ... "   See impression

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