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      In the nature of reality, everything is in continuous motion, from galaxies, stars, planets, atoms, everything orbits. The law of the nature of energy lies in its motion. Many people first evaluate and weigh before stepping into the course of healing, and they can really transcend that.  Whenever fear overwhelms your mind, be courageous, look him in the eye,  inhale it, and then exhale it. Step into your fears, because these are interactions that really strengthen. Reconnection can be used as an incentive for that realization.


      In order for the human body to be properly revitalized, we can stimulate it from the outside,  to remind and move his inner nature towards healing.  The most suitable example is a guitar that is tuned so that it does not reproduce a harmonious sound. To tune it appropriately, we can use a second, well-sounding guitar to remind ourselves of the originality of its natural sound and tune the first guitar to it. So, the second guitar resembles the first  how to sound original again. This connection of sonority also occurs between the Reconnective Practitioner and the person. How to sync music? How to adopt health as  lasting quality in mind?


We never know what is actually hidden in the human depths, what a subconscious person touches.  Healing in a person also depends on how much he wants, or can at that moment receive and open to energy.  When someone is ill, it is a kind of limitation for him.  Sometimes, the one who is ill, gets more attention or love than others, and maybe that is exactly what is more important to him, even than health, that is. potential healing. 

Reconnection ®

It represents the heritage of humanity. Reconnection ® (prefix "re" in our language "again") "networks" man into the Earth's meridian system, brings him into harmony with his environment and events.  View topic ...

Reconnective Healing ®

They represent a form of healing with informative energy. Info-rmative energy reprograms the body, stimulates energy movements in it that bring it into harmony. An incentive to remind yourself who you really are.
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This energy gives the first impulse to the movement of the planets and the first breath to the newborn child. Its nature is the driving force behind everything that happens in organic life on Earth. If we name it and objectify it, then we see it   View topic ...



RECONNECTION ® Reconstructive treatments - Ivan Mirković ~ Herceg Novi, Montenegro. Contact and reservation: GSM: +382 69 23 49 35 ~ Skype: ivanmirkovic m @ il:   View topic ...

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