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The nature of the work is planetarily recognized. It belongs to integrative and complementary health care.  Interaction with energy, light and information ™ within Reconnective Healing sessions ™ , and Reconnection   encourages and appropriate effects that begin to develop in a person a new and more natural vision of health, harmony, vitality and Life Progress ™ .


~ Vitality and more obvious alignment with one's own nature.

~  Understanding one's own emotions, emotional contemplation, clearing the subconscious.

~  Periodic intense bursts of energy that create in you the need to jump out of bed into action.

~  Deeper inner peace, flexibility  in thinking.

~  Relieving panic attacks,  fears and phobias.

~ Relaxation, physical vitality, its flexibility and movement. More appropriate eye-hand coordination of movements. Normalization of body weight.

~  Compliance with the rotation of the planet and the seasons. More appropriate  sleep.

~  Increased intuition, instinct, creativity.

~  Moments of joy and bliss, good mood.

~  Increased perception, concentration, memory, more appropriate overview of events and observations, increased awareness, more precise use of language.

~ Start making health priorities, more appropriate overcoming life's challenges.

~ Getting a natural impulse to give and receive love,  a more natural expression of care, kindness, understanding.

~  Surrender to the present moment and  enjoying it.
  Gaining a new, more promising vision of life and priorities.

Scientific References:

~ According to scientific experiments Reconnective frequencies pretend to reconnect broken DNA  lance u  body.  ( See  Scientific References )

~ Session  RI ™ of 10 min. is more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring full range of motion. ( See  Scientific References )
~  Laboratory experiments indicate that with the energy potential of reconnective frequencies  a leaf torn from the parent branch can keep it alive  during ninety days, and its natural extinction occurs within seven to ten days.   ( See  Scientific References )

~  Interaction with frequencies  revitalizes and energizes the body, increases the energy potential that the body emits.  ( See  Scientific References )


~ Accelerates  metabolism and immunity of the organism, calms the nervous system of the body.  ( See  Scientific References )

~ Reconnective Healing improves and accelerates   communication between cells of the organism.  ( See  Scientific References )
~ Encouraging top sports performance and results.  ( See  Scientific References )

Important.  "You don't have to feel the reaction for the reaction to happen." ~ Dr. Erik Perl


Pri  interaction with reconnective frequencies  sometimes  happen  and appropriate reactions ~ so-called. "Registers" ~ in the form of sensations. Their nature is relative.

~ Pulsation,
  "shudders", pulling, biting,  pushing,  pulling, stretching, flickering, numbness, tingling, twisting, burning.

~ Energy waves, electricity,  magnetic attraction /  repulsion, eddy energy fluctuation, energy travel.

~  A sense of bliss and  relaxation, adrenaline rush, excitement, mild panic attacks and nervousness, visual and sound displays, colors.

~  Tickling, laughing / crying, coughing, yawning,  muscle twitching and cramping, a feeling of shivering,  mild throbbing pain.  buzzing in my ears.

~ Heat,  cold,  Ease /  body weight, bowel movements, intense swallowing.

~  Drowsiness, yawning, impression  sinking into the mattress of the bed,  sleep, and in doing so, a complete loss of sense of time.

~ Visions that stimulate introspective thinking, music and sounds that open repressed emotions from the subconscious.

~ Rapid eye movements ( see REM - Rapid Eye Movement ), circling, ie.  "playing" eyeballs and eyebrows, watery eyes, breeze.

~ Changes in biological rhythms, rapid / slow heartbeat,  accelerated  /  slow breathing, changes in muscle movements,

~  The impression that the body and bodily extremities occupy a completely different position from the real one, their elongation, stretching.

~ The impression of "flickering" with the feeling as if the body is connected to electricity, the impression of charging with energy, the impression of floating.

~  The feeling of "spilling", coming out of yourself, floating in the air,  feeling  expansion (as if your body and its extremities are increasing, growing).

~  Interaction with frequencies evidently changes heart waves, brain waves, raises the level of oxygen in the blood.  ( See  Scientific References )


Important. Reactions that take place during  sessions have a complementary, reciprocal, and relative nature.

Reconnective Healing ™

  return to optimal equilibrium. It occurs as a natural result of interaction  with an extensive spectrum  frequency consisting of energy,  light and information .  See topic

Reconnective Healing ™

  return to optimal equilibrium. It occurs as a natural result of interaction  with an extensive spectrum  frequency consisting of energy,  light and information .  See topic

Reconnection ™

  accurate energy model designed to accelerate the exchange of energy, light and information ™ observed in the natural potential of the Reconnective  Healings ™.  See topic

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora


Book of impressions during and after the sessions RI ™ and R ™.
  Impressions  a person who  they can be described approximately accurately and precisely from their observation perspective, they are extensively presented in a suitable topic.   See topic

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