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After Reconnective Healing ® (RI) sessions  and Reconnections ® (R)  effects often follow, appropriate  events that in a person begin to  develop a new and more natural vision of harmony, health and vitality.  


★ Vitality and more obvious alignment with one's own nature.

  Understanding one's own emotions, emotional contemplation, clearing the subconscious.

  Periodic intense bursts of energy that create in you the need to jump out of bed into action.

  Deeper inner peace. 

  Relieving panic attacks,  fears and phobias.

★ Relaxation, physical vitality, its flexibility and movement.  Normalization of body weight.

  Compliance with the rotation of the planet and the seasons. More appropriate  sleep.

  Increased intuition, instinct, creativity.

  Moments of joy and bliss, good mood.

  Increased perception, concentration, memory, review of events and observations,  more precise use of language.

★ Start making health priorities, getting a more promising vision of life.

★ Getting a natural impulse to give and receive love,  a more natural expression of care, kindness, understanding.

  Relaxation, physical vitality, its flexibility and movement.

  Surrender to the present moment and  enjoying it.
  Gaining a new, more promising vision of life and priorities.

★ According to scientific experiments Reconnective frequencies pretend to reconnect broken DNA  lance u  body.

★ Session  RI ® is more than twice as effective as physical therapy in restoring full range of motion.

★ Encouraging top sports performance and results.


Important.  "You don't have to feel the reaction for the reaction to happen." ~ Dr. Eric Pearl


During  Reconnective Healing ® (RI) sessions, interacting with energy, light and information ™ are sometimes  reactions in the form of sensations also occur. The nature of the sensations is relative, and some observations of my users are:

★ Pulsiranje,
  "shudders", pulling, biting,  pushing,  pulling, stretching, flickering, numbness, tingling, twisting, burning.

★ Energy waves, electricity,  magnetic attraction /  repulsion, eddy energy fluctuation, energy travel.

  A sense of bliss and  relaxation, a feeling of adrenaline, excitement, mild panic attacks and nervousness, visual and audible displays.

  Tickling, laughing / crying, coughing, yawning,  muscle twitching and cramping, a feeling of shivering,  mild throbbing pain.  buzzing in my ears.

★ Toplota,  cold,  Ease /  body weight, bowel movements, intense swallowing.

  Drowsiness, yawning, impression  sinking into the mattress of the bed,  sleep, and in doing so, a complete loss of sense of time.

★ Visions that stimulate introspective thinking, music and sounds that open repressed emotions from the subconscious

Rapid Eye Movement (see REM), circling, ie.  "playing" the eyeballs,  tearing eyes, breeze.

★ Changes in biological rhythms, rapid / slow heartbeat,  accelerated  /  slowed breathing. 

  The impression that the body and bodily extremities occupy a completely different position from the real one, their elongation, stretching.

★ The impression of "flickering" with the feeling as if the body is connected to electricity, the impression of charging energy, the impression of floating.

  The feeling of "spilling", coming out of yourself, floating in the air,  feeling  expansion (as if your body and its extremities are increasing, growing).


Important. Sensitive chords that take place during  sessions have a complementary, reciprocal, and relative nature.

During  sessions occur reactions that indicate  fluctuation in contact with a person's energy, and appropriate moments of energy contrasts occur.  These are actually the highest and lowest points of influence, the so-called "Extremes." Their nature arises as a product of energy movements and  complementary energy mixing. Their nature is complementary.  And if the reactions affect each other, their nature is reciprocal. Finally, their nature is also relative, because no reaction is qualitatively different.

User impressions during and after  Reconnective Healing ® (RI) sessions  and Reconnections ® (R)  you can look in the appropriate topic ~ BOOK OF IMPRESSIONS .

Rec. Healing  ® (RI)

  return to optimal equilibrium. It arises as an interaction with an extensive spectrum of RI® frequencies consisting of energy,  light and information . The nature of frequencies ...  See topic

Reconnection ® (R)

It represents the heritage of humanity. An efficient energy model designed to speed up exchange
  energy, light and information observed in natural potential  Reconnective. Healing  ® (RI).  See topic

R® i  RI®  |  Appropriate Acknowledgments


Appropriate scientific experiments and research conducted  in a desire to understand the completeness of the influence of Reconnective Frequencies (energy, light and information ™) on man, flora and fauna.   See topic

Ivan Mirkovic Rekonekcija Rekonektivni praktičar Herceg Novi Crna Gora


Book of impressions during and after RI ® and R® sessions .
  The experiences of persons who can describe them approximately accurately and precisely from their perspective of observation are careful  presented in an appropriate topic.   View topic ...

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